Small and inexpensive acts of self-care

north norfolk nature

Self-care has been a fashionable buzz-word over the last few years. From inspirational pinterest pins telling us to love ourselves to instagram posts promoting #selfcare. While I am a believer in a little bit of self-care (and partial to an inspirational pinterest pin!) I’m always a bit skeptical when self-care comes with a hefty price tag.  

It seems that self-care is often being promoted along with an expensive spa weekend or a pricey city break. Relaxing on an exotic, sunny beach might be considered self-care but at the cost of your financial wellbeing is it really worth it? 

Instead I believe self-care should be about going back to basics. The small things that easily fit into your everyday life that are either free or cost very little. With this in mind I’ve shared some ways I incorporate small acts of self-care into my week.  

Buying a small gift 

Buying a gift for others makes me feel good, but I also like splashing out on small gifts for myself. The gifts I buy myself aren’t expensive as, unfortunately, my budget doesn’t stretch to weekly shopping sprees. I love fresh flowers so on payday I’ll often treat myself to a bunch of flowers for my home that I know will last for a few weeks and which make me feel good whenever I see them. I’m also a huge bookworm so occasionally I’ll treat myself to a new book. Both of these usually cost less than £10 but they feel like small indulgences. 

Coffee with friends 

When I was in Stockholm last year I discovered the Swedish tradition of Fika – taking time out of your day to catch up with friends over coffee and cake. This is a perfect act of self-care and I regularly meet up with friends for a coffee, particularly during the week, as I find it is a great way to relax and take time-out of my working day. And, again, with a cup of coffee only costing a couple of pounds it’s an affordable way to indulge. 


I’ve blogged about meditating before, but for me it is one of the best ways of adding self-care into my day and it doesn’t cost a penny. I normally take just five minutes in the morning to meditate, but I have found that doing this has had a massively positive impact on my mental wellbeing. 

Be creative  

Being creative doesn’t mean writing a novel or painting a masterpiece, instead creativity can be anything from baking to photography. Creativity is an important part of my life and something I do everyday. For me this blog is a creative outlet that I love working on, but I also regularly bake, write and do photography as ways of expressing my creativity. 

Get outdoors

Research has shown that nature can improve our wellbeing. I’m lucky that I can easily get out into the countryside or to the coast whenever I have a bit of free time. Running or hiking outdoors and being amongst nature is a vital way for me to practice self-care as I’m not only around nature but I’m also being active as well. 

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