Staying positive when training doesn’t go well

Over the last few weeks my marathon training hasn’t been going well. While at the beginning the rubbish weather stopped me from getting in shorter mid-week runs, I was still able to do the long runs most weeks. But for the last two weeks I’ve missed my mile target for my long runs, which with […]

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Tips on how to food plan and prep

tips on how to meal plan and prep

If you follow me on Instagram you will know that over the last few weeks I’ve been really focusing on nutrition. Although I didn’t eat badly before, I always felt that I wasn’t eating what I should be to achieve my running and Crossfit goals and have been wanting to learn more about nutrition for […]

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Dealing with missing a vital long run

dealing with missing a vital long run

My running aim today was to complete 15 miles, which I had carefully set out in my training plan – 2 miles added on from last week and setting me up for 18 miles next weekend. If you follow my Instagram you will know that I didn’t run the 15 miles, instead I just managed […]

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Why you should run a race this year

why you should run a race this year

Today my race number came for my first race of 2018! I’m so excited to be racing again after taking December off and can’t wait to run my first race of this year. If you’re new to running or have been running for years, but have never signed up for a race, it is something […]

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Staying healthy during winter

staying healthy during winter

Winter is a difficult season to maintain a healthy lifestyle. First there’s Christmas, bringing with it lots of great, but unhealthy, food and drink; and then there’s New Year where for many of us our resolutions to eat healthily and join dry January barely last a week. January especially is a long month – it’s […]

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My favourite races of 2017

top 5 2017 races

This week I signed up for what will be my first race of 2018 – the Freethorpe 10 which takes place at the end of this month. I ran it for the first time last year and I really enjoyed it. Signing up for this race got me thinking about all the races I did […]

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My 2018 fitness goals

2018 fitness goals

Happy New Year! Now that 2018 is here it’s time to work on new fitness goals. I’m so excited for this year as I think it is a year that I can build on what I achieved last year and really make progress on my health and fitness. Generally my main goal for this year […]

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