Improving wellbeing around the home

The last few weeks I’ve really started to notice the season beginning to change. While out for runs I’ve noticed that many trees are starting to change colours, the temperature becoming cooler and the sun setting earlier. It is clear that autumn is on its way. Although I love the warm summer months, autumn is […]

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What you need to know before your first Crossfit workout

This week the Crossfit Games have been taking place, an international competition where elite Crossfitters compete to be named the Fittest on Earth. These games showcase the top level of Crossfit, but they are also promoted to encourage people from all fitness levels to discover Crossfit for themselves to improve their general health and fitness. […]

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The Rainhill Trials review


The Rainhill Trials was the most intense Crossfit I’ve done yet and it was my first individual Crossfit competition. I competed in the Summer 2018 competition which took place on Saturday 14th July and Sunday 15th July at one of the arenas at Sports City in Manchester. This competition is one of the most popular […]

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Summer Running Essentials

summer running essentials

I love running during the summer months. It feels great to get up early when it’s already light and warm outside and go for a pre-work run. I love the feeling of the sun’s warmth on my skin and the freedom of not having to layer up my running clothes. Summer running isn’t all good […]

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My summer reading list

I love reading, especially when books are about one of my main passions – fitness and wellbeing. My kindle and bookshelves are packed full of books on this subject from Zanna Van Dijk’s Strong to Fearne Cotton’s Happy. This summer I’ve got a number of books lined up that I’m really looking forward to reading. […]

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Why I took a complete break from fitness

why I took a complete break from fitness

This month I took a two week complete break from all exercise. This was the first time in years that I’ve taken such a long break from working out – and I didn’t feel guilty or worry about how it would impact my fitness at all . In fact, this was a break that I […]

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When a cheat meal day happens everyday

When a cheat meal day happens everyday

When it comes to healthy eating I’ve always prefer to stick to the 80/20 rule – 80 percent of food that is healthy, nutritious and which will help to increase my energy levels and achieve my fitness goals; and 20 percent of foods that just taste good and feel like a treat. This type of […]

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