3 Day Full Body Workout


Get a full body workout in 3 days per week:

Your 3-day workout will be divided into three sessions: pull, push and supersets. You should target each muscle twice a week. The third session will encourage you to push yourself harder.

The first two sessions of the week are divided into sections. Warm-ups are used to prepare you for the weight’s sessions. Instead of using a treadmill, you will use bodyweight and bands to get ready. You will then work on your strength. You are encouraged to increase the weights that you use by a small amount each week. 

You should also try to maximize volume over the next one to three months. You will add one rep per week to your weekly total. Lastly, you have to add accessory work. You add exercises to the body that help strengthen muscle groups or are lacking in general.

A fit and healthy lifestyle man and woman doing pushups

Day One: Push Workout


Banded Pull Away

Gorilla Stretch

Cat-camel Stretch

Round One

Goblet Squats 4×5

Floor Press 4×5

Round Two

Leg Press 3×8 – 12

Landmine Press 3×8 – 12

Round Three

Leg extension 3×12

Pallof Press 3×12.

A fit and healthy lifestyle person doing leg presses

Day Two: Pull Workout


Standing banded Hip thrusts

Bridge with banded glute

Pull down bands.

Round One

Pull-ups 3×5 (if needed, with assistance)

Rack pulls 3×5.

Round Two

Hip thrusts from 3×8 to 12.

Close-grip lats pulldown 3×8-12

Round Three

The hamstring curls 3×12

Cable Rotations 3×12

A fit and healthy Lifestyle man using exercise bands

Day Three: Supersets

The supersets must be done back-to-back, with no rest between.

First Superset

Hack squats 3×8 to 12.

Kettlebell deadlift from 3×8 to 12.

Second Superset

Dumbbell incline presses 3×8 to 12.

Rows 3×8 and 12 bent over.

Third Superset

Press dumbbells with one-arm kneeling 3×12.

Single-arm rows 3×8 to 12.

A fit and healthy lifestyle protein drink in a glass

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