Christmas gift ideas for fitness lovers

christmas gifts for runners

There is just one week left until Christmas! I love this final week before the big day, but it can be stressful, especially if you’ve still got Christmas shopping you need to get done. For anyone who is still looking for gift ideas for the fitness lover in their life, or maybe you just want to treat yourself, here are a few last minute ideas of what you can get. 

Fitbit and garmins 

If you really want to spoil the fitness lover in your life, splash out by getting them a new fitbit or garmin. A fitbit is ideal for those who are just getting into fitness or who want to improve their general fitness, while garmins are ideal for more serious fitness lovers, as well as dedicated runners or triathletes. While they can be expensive, especially if you are looking at top of the range garmins, there are also much more affordable versions around for those who don’t have hundreds of pounds to spend on a gift. 


If there is a runner in your life and they don’t already have a set of headphones this is a fantastic gift idea. Wireless headphones are perfect for runners as there is no chance of annoying wires bouncing around during the run, plus it stops the headphones getting accidentally pulled out. Just make sure the headphones you choose can withstand the constant bouncing motion of running without falling out all the time. 

Inspiring books

A perfect stocking filler, especially if the fitness lover is also a bookworm, is an inspiring fitness book. There are lots of autobiographies from inspiring sports people that would make an ideal Christmas present, as well as books by ordinary people who have done amazing things. If you’re stuck for ideas take a look at my previous post on inspiring books to read


Fitness lovers can never have enough activewear. Whether the person in your life is a dedicated gym goer, committed runner or just starting out on their fitness journey, having a new fitness outfit will not only make them look good, but also feel good. For extra brownie points buy the runner in your life a new pair of running shoes as, speaking from a runner’s point of view, we can never have enough! 

A medal rack

If there is someone in your life who loves to race a medal rack is a great present that allows them to show off all their medals. Or, if you want to get them something a little more personal, frame a medal that is particularly significant to them so they have something unique and special to showcase it in. 

Sign them up for a race

Many runners love to race, but races can be an expensive hobby, so why not sign the runner in your life onto a race? If you’ve got the money and really want to splash out, you could sign them up for a race abroad so that you can combine running with a holiday – making it an even more special Christmas present for you both. 

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