Improving wellbeing around the home

The last few weeks I’ve really started to notice the season beginning to change. While out for runs I’ve noticed that many trees are starting to change colours, the temperature becoming cooler and the sun setting earlier. It is clear that autumn is on its way. Although I love the warm summer months, autumn is one of my favourite seasons so I always look forward to this time of year, especially as it means I can spend more time at home curled up with a good book and warm cup of green tea.

As the weather gets cooler and the days get shorter most of us are starting to spend more time at home. While spring is traditionally time of the spring clean, I believe that early autumn is the ideal time to improve wellbeing around the home – an autumn cleanse! I’m already in the process of doing this around my own home, so I’ve decided to share a few tips on how I’m preparing my home to enhance my wellbeing over the darker and colder months.  


Magazines, books, notepads, scraps of paper – I’m a magnet for clutter. But too much clutter makes me feel stressed and anxious as they provide constant reminders of half finished projects and work that needs to be done. Simply clearing away this clutter helps to make my home feel calmer. At this time of year I will also go through my home and discard anything that I no longer want or use. I tend to take my unwanted items to charity shops instead of selling online as it also provides of the feel good factor of helping charities.

House plants and flowers

There’s something about fresh flowers that makes a room feel better. I always choose flowers with bright, vibrant colours as these colours always makes me feel happier. When it comes to house plants I try and choose the ones that are easiest to grow, mainly because my track record of growing houseplants has left a long line of untimely deaths in its wake. There are many studies that show that nature helps to improve our wellbeing, but in autumn and winter it can be harder to get outside and spend time around nature so bringing it indoors it the next best option.  

Happy memories

The growth of social media and using our phones as cameras means that many of us store our photos of our happy memories online rather than around the home. Taking the time to print out your favourite photos and put them up around your home will constantly remind you of the happy moments in your life and the people you love and care about the most. There are lots of choices of photo frames, many of which allow you to add multiple photographs, plus printing out photos is still easy it just takes a little bit of time and money.


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