Reasons to love spring running

reasons to love spring running

Although yesterday was the first day or March, and therefore spring, the weather has felt like the middle of winter. It has snowed since Tuesday and now all the pavements are snowy and icy, plus it’s really windy, so I’ve not been able to run all week. Hopefully spring like weather will be here soon as, while I try to like all the seasons in their own way, my least favourite is winter. It’s cold, it’s dark and it seems to last forever. I’m getting through this week by constantly reminding myself that spring running is not far away.

Spring is my favourite time to run and there’s so much about running at this time of year that I love. If you’ve been fed up with winter weather too, here are some reasons to look forward to running in the spring,  

Days are longer

After months and months of getting up early to head outdoors for a morning run in the dark; longer, lighter days are a welcome change. In the middle of winter most of my running seems to take place when it still feels like the middle of the night, which after weeks of constant darkness can become demoralising. But during spring not only do the clocks change, making the days longer, but nature also creates longer days. This means that even my earliest morning runs are done in the light.

The weather is warmer  

Along with longer days comes warmer days. I’m so looking forward to when I no longer need to layer up in tons of running gear just to head outside for a short run; or to get back home freezing after a long run. I love to feel as light as possible when I run, so wearing just a t-shirt and light running leggings is what suits me best. It also feel really great to be able to enjoy my runs without getting too cold if I stop moving for a minute!

Race season has started

During spring there is an abundance of races to choose from. Not only do lots of marathons take place during this season, but also plenty of half marathons and 10k races. This means that during spring it is easy to pick from all the races available and start adding to the running medal collection. And with the longer days and warmer weather, this is the perfect season to run a race without battling the elements and potentially get a race PB.

Springtime is pretty

Heading out for a long run is great in spring because it is so pretty at this time of year. During this season you can notice trees starting to come alive with blossom again and flowers start to appear as well. Everything feels more alive during spring, which makes all runs more fun and actually makes you want to get outdoors and enjoy running.

Healthier outlook

After the cold, dark days of winter, spring often brings with it a healthier new outlook. During spring, apart from the chocolate fest around Easter, it usually becomes easier to eat lighter, healthier foods. After all, once spring is in full swing it’s no longer acceptable to head home and get into your PJs and work your way through a packet of biscuits. It’s not just healthier eating that becomes easier in spring, but actually finding the motivation to run becomes so much easier at this time of year as well.

These are my reasons for loving spring running, let me know yours…  

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