Sunday round-up

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25th September – 1st October

This week wasn’t my best training week. My car wasn’t drivable all week (it’s fixed now, yay), which meant I couldn’t get to the gym for my normal classes. This really threw me off my training schedule and although I tried to run instead, I found it difficult to keep to a new routine – clearly I’m a creature of habit!

The week started well. On Monday I got out for a morning run and did 3 miles at a gentle pace (25:37) and in the evening went to my usual Crossfit class. I had trouble sleeping Monday night though and only got about 5 hours, so I was really tired when I got up for a run on Tuesday morning. I did another 3 miles Tuesday morning at a faster pace (23:11), although this was slightly slower than my usual Tuesday runs where I had been achieving times of under 23 minutes. That evening I went to gymnastics at Crossfit and although I’m never great in that class, I felt that I struggled more than I normally do.  

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I slept really badly again on Tuesday night (OK, I slept really badly all week), so I was too tired to go for a run on Wednesday morning. I also ended up skipping a barbell class I often go to at Crossfit on Wednesdays. I would like to say that I felt bad about skipping 2 workouts but I don’t think I’ve ever felt guilty about missing workouts – I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing!

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Thursday morning I got out for a 5 mile run (42:26), which I felt really good about. I was not only pleased with increasing the distance but also the fact that it felt good on the run, although the last half mile was a bit of a struggle. Again I skipped a gym session that night and Friday is always my rest day, but I got my car back and fully working on Friday; so Saturday morning I was able to go to the gym again. I ended doing 5 minutes on the rower as a warm up, a kettlebell workout and then finished with skipping.

Along with a crappy training week, my diet wasn’t great this week either. Even when my diet isn’t great, it is still pretty good but I think the lack of sleep had me reaching for unhealthy snacks a bit more than I should have all week.

My long run today made up for a rubbish training week. I did 10 miles in 1 hour 26 minutes, which I was happy with as, after mile 2, it started pouring with rain so by then end of the run I was completely drenched. I also didn’t think it would rain until the afternoon, so I hadn’t dressed for a rainy run! Despite that the run felt really good – relaxed and comfortable – so I barely checked my watch for pace or distance. The final mile though felt a bit of a struggle, but that could be because I always aim to increase my pace on the final mile.

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I’m really happy that I’ve finished a rubbish week with a good workout and next week I’m aiming to get back on track with both my training and diet.

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