11 Good Morning Wake Up Exercises


How can we overcome the early morning grogginess?

We are so used to dragging ourselves out of bed to get to the coffee machine that we never consider other ways to boost our morning energy. Caffeinated drinks are useful but can become a habit.

We might also be contributing to poor sleep quality if we drink too much coffee. Drinking coffee to stay energized can interfere with sleep quality the next night.

There are other ways to boost energy levels in the morning. As long as you stick to your morning routine, exercising can be a great way to increase energy.

You should stick to a wellness, fitness, or nutrition program.

We are offering some tips and tricks that will help you jumpstart your mornings.

Why is morning exercise beneficial?

Exercise is a great way to increase blood flow.

Exercise is an excellent way to get rid of the last vestiges of sleepiness. Early morning exercise can boost energy levels for the rest of the day, even up to 24 hours.

This benefit can be gained by any type of exercise that keeps your heart rate up and motivates you to continue. What works for you is what matters.


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What Should I do in the morning?

Morning exercise can be a game changer for boosting your energy levels for the day.

1. Take a Walk or Run

A morning run or walk will get your blood flowing. It requires that you get up from your bed and leave the house unless you own a treadmill.

A light jog will get your heart rate up and give you a feeling of energy. Get your running shoes on and go for a morning run.

Man Running

2. Jumping Jacks

You can also try jumping jacks to get your day started with a simple and familiar movement. You can perform them in your own home without any equipment or restrictions. You can get your heart rate going by doing 50 jumping jacks. This will help warm your muscles and awaken your body. This is a great way to start the day with a boost of energy.

Starting your day with a simple exercise routine can make an enormous difference to your fitness and life. You are not only getting more exercise for your body, but also starting your day off with a worthwhile achievement.

3. Yoga

Yoga is a little more intense than simple stretching, but it can help to relax tight muscles or those that are cold in the morning.

You can activate your muscles in the same way as you would if you stretched and get your blood flowing. The breathing exercises that go along with many yoga sequences flush your body with oxygen. The blood that is sent to your muscles improves your energy level.

Yoga can also improve mental health. In a yoga studio or at home, you can achieve a calm state of mind that is as important as sweating to get ready for the day.

Woman Doing Yoga

4. Elliptical/Cycling

The elliptical machine, bike or cycling machine is a low-impact, effective aerobic exercise that is great for your cardiovascular health. This is a low-impact aerobic exercise that is great for your cardiovascular health. It is also easy on your knees.

Sometimes, after getting out of bed and into the morning light, we just want to climb back into our beds. A simple bike ride in your neighborhood will help you wake up and feel ready for the day.

5. Squats

Squats in the morning will help you loosen up and get ready for leg day. Squats can help you build muscle in your lower body. They work your glutes and quads as well as other muscles of your posterior chain.

You do not need to use additional weights like a resistance band or kettlebell. You can squat effectively using your own bodyweight if you use the right form. Keep your feet shoulder width apart and do your repetitions.

Man doing squats

6. Sit-Ups

You can do sit-ups anywhere, whether at home or in the gym. You should do your first sit-up when you get out of bed. Why not do a full set to get your blood flowing?

According to the CDC, we should dedicate two days a week to anaerobic training. This includes exercises for each muscle group. Sit-ups help to condition the lower back and abdomen.

7. Push-Ups

Push-up is a great anaerobic workout that uses your own body weight. You do not need a barbell or kettlebell.

Push-ups that are done correctly target your chest, upper back, arms, and abdomen. This is a terrific way to work out all the major muscles in your upper body in one session. The challenge of larger sets in the morning can help you reach your daily strength training goal.

Push-ups can be done anywhere, just like sit-ups. You can do them at home, in the gym or at rest stops while running. These are a fantastic way of getting a morning burn and loosening up.

Man doing a push-up

8. Arm Curls

The arm curls are more intense than other exercises on this list. Picking up dumbbells in the morning and lifting weights can give you a boost to start your day.

It is crucial to know your limits when it comes to strength-training. You increase your chances of getting injured if you do not do it with care. It has been proven that creatine supplements can aid in recovery after a workout, and may even prevent muscle injury.

9. Planks

Planks work almost all your muscles. This is another exercise that you can do anywhere. It is a great way to start your day when you first get out of bed. You just need to maintain your starting position, and your body weight will do the rest.

You can improve your back strength by doing planks. They also cover a wide range of muscle groups, so you can check off several fitness goals for the day.

Woman in plank position

10. Swimming

What better way to wake up in the morning than by jumping into a pool?

Swimming is an excellent exercise. Swimming is also low impact, so you are unlikely to get injured. This is a great full-body exercise that will make the most of your limited time.

Swimming in a pool can be an excellent way to start your day.

11. Stretching

Stretching is not necessarily an exercise. Stretching is important for our fitness, regardless of whether it is or is not an exercise. It can also be an effective way to start your day.

Stretching each muscle helps us to reduce the risk of injury when we are doing physical activity. Stretching increases blood flow in your muscles.

You can get moving again after a long night of lying in bed. You can stretch anywhere from your shoulders to your lower back.