7 Reasons to do Pull Ups

1) Strengthen Your Grip

Strengthening your grip will help you to have stronger forearms and better control while lifting weights or controlling a bicycle. You never know when you’ll need to get yourself up after falling down.

Hand with good grip

2) Improve Posture. 

By keeping your body neutral and upright, you can keep your lungs open and breathe better. You will also avoid hunching or rounding shoulders and feel less pain in the upper back and neck.

3) Strengthen your core

It is your core that keeps you upright while in motion. Maybe you remember your first marathon when you were so worried that your lower back would break. It’s because you didn’t have enough core strength to keep yourself upright and your progressive slouch was too much for your trunk.


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4) Boost Cardio

You read it right. If you do pull ups in short sets, they can help improve your cardio. This will boost the heart’s capacity to deliver fuel to muscles. Strength training repetitions will hurt less if you have better cardio.

5) Save Time. 

Pull-ups are a compound exercise that works multiple muscles and joints at once. This allows you to do other exercises on the same day, without being rushed.


6) Save money. 

You can do pull ups almost anywhere. All you need is your body weight and a bar. You can install a bar at home or go to the playground and use monkey bars.

7) Be faster. 

If you can improve the coordination of your muscles, they will produce more force and be able to control it better. This allows for a smoother power transfer through the kinetic chain. You will walk, run, climb, cycle, etc. faster if you gain upper body strength without adding mass. You will be faster if you have a stronger upper body.