2020 health and fitness goal update

2020 fitness goals

Back in January I blogged about my health and fitness goals for 2020. At the time Covid-19 was a disease that was barely being talked about, so, of all the things that I thought could have prevented me from achieving my health and fitness goals this year, a global pandemic wasn’t one of them. 

But within months of me writing about my plans and goals we were in lockdown and all mass events had been cancelled or postponed. This meant that every race I’d signed up for this year was not going to happen. 

Although I was a little disappointed with not being able to complete the races I had signed up for, putting people’s health first is far more important. 

Not all my 2020 health and fitness goals were running related. 

One of my health and fitness goals this year was to continue developing my practice of mediation and mindfulness. During lockdown meditating was something I really relied on to help me cope with the uncertainty. I meditated almost everyday throughout lockdown and one of my memories of that period is listening to the morning chorus of bird songs as I meditated. I’ve also been focusing on mindfulness throughout the pandemic to help ease my anxiety. Whenever I start feeling anxious I’ve been focusing on living in the present and being grateful for what I have around me. 

Another of my goals this year was to make an effort to diversify my meals. Although I generally eat healthily, I do often get stuck in a food rut and end up eating the same foods all the time. Although during lockdown my diet wasn’t as healthy as it could have been (it wasn’t my biggest priority at the time), over the last month I’ve been making an effort to cook from scratch as much as possible and experiment with different recipes. This has not only improved my diet, but has also got me interested in food and cooking again, which is something that I’ve loved in the past. 

So, although there is a lot I haven’t been able to achieve this year, so far 2020 hasn’t been a complete write-off. And with just under six months left of 2020 I’ve decided to make some new health and fitness goals for 2020. 

Run a sub 24-minute 5k 

In my last post I wrote about how I’m taking my running back to shorter runs and I’ve set myself the challenge of running 5k in under 24 minutes. Over the next few months I’m going to work hard at this so that, hopefully, by the end of 2020 I’ll have run a sub-24 minute 5k. 

Get better at strength training 

I find strength training boring but not being able to go to the gym during the last four months has shown me the difference it can make. So for the next six months I’m going to work on getting stronger again and maybe even find a way of actually enjoying lifting weights! 

Run a virtual race

As normal races are unlikely to take place this year, instead I’m hoping to find a virtual 10k race to do instead. If you have any suggestions about a virtual race I could enter over the next few months let me know in the comments below. 

Get outdoors more 

Maybe it’s due to being cooped up indoors for weeks, but during lockdown I really missed not being outdoors. In the past I would regularly put on my hiking boots and head off to explore different places no matter what the weather. But over the last few years I’ve become a little  less adventurous. Now that we’re allowed out again this is something I’m going to change and I plan to be exploring a lot more of the outdoors over the next six months. 

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