Reflecting on lockdown


Over the last few weeks I’ve slowly been getting back to my normal, pre-lockdown, life. There is still so much we can’t do and I’m really, really missing the gym – even lifting heavy weights! But gradually normality seems to be returning. 

I’m already back in the office during the day, which personally I prefer over working from home. I’m also able to meet up with my PT for outdoor sessions – mainly focusing on running drills as no equipment is needed. I can meet up with family and friends outside, and even visit a coffee shop for a (takeaway) coffee – something I was really surprised I missed so much. 

So, while life isn’t what it was before lockdown, and may never be quite the same again, it does feel that we are coming out of the worst of social distancing. 

Generally, I was OK with lockdown and, like many people, I was able to use the time to reflect on what I liked and didn’t like about my pre-lockdown life. 

These are a few things I realised during lockdown:

Rest is important 

Normally I’m the sort of person who is on the go from when I wake up to when I go to bed. My days are packed full with things I need to do and places I need to be. While I like being busy and productive, during lockdown I realised the value of resting.  

Now, even as social distancing rules are being relaxed, if I need to take the evening off from working or blogging, or I want to skip a morning run, I allow myself to do so without feeling guilty. I know that I will work again when I’m ready and I’m not going to lose fitness by skipping one run. And the mental and physical benefits I get from resting outweighs what I would achieve from pushing through and forcing myself to carry on even when I’m exhausted. 

Loving the outdoors

country park
Being able to visit this park everyday during lockdown was such a huge mental boost

It’s when we can’t do something we realise how much it really means to us and during lockdown I realised how much I love being outdoors. Living close to a country park which I could run or walk to everyday was a huge mental help during lockdown. But I really missed being able to jump into the car and head to the coast for a day’s hiking. Being inside so much made me realise how much being outside, in the fresh air and around nature, makes me happy and helps me to relax. It is definitely something I won’t take for granted again in the future. 

Simple things make me happy 

Another thing I realised during lockdown is that it is the simple things that make me happy. A good catch up with family and friends over a cup of coffee. Reading an interesting and well written book. Listening to a funny or thought-provoking podcast. Writing and updating my blog. Putting on my trainers and heading off for an early morning run. Or simply heading outdoors with my camera to capture the world around me. These are simple things but they make me happy. 

Worry less 

Lockdown made me really sit up and realise that we’re not here for long, so there is no point stressing about the small stuff. I’m a worrier and I stress about things a lot. But really, most things I worry and stress about are not that important. Instead as we head back to normal life I want to focus on living a contented and fulfilling life. I want to make time to do the things I enjoy, spend time outdoors, visit family and friends more often, run as many races as possible, fulfil my writing ambitions, be creative and travel as much as I can.   

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