My 2019 highlights

London Marathon expo

2019 was the year when I finally got to fulfil my dream of running the London Marathon, but it was also a year of being injured which resulted in a break from running. While there were no running PBs this year, 2019 did have some new achievements starting with a new job at the beginning of the year, celebrating major family birthdays and visiting Stockholm for the first time. 

This year has been hectic and, at times, overwhelming, where I have been trying to juggle many different aspects of my life at once. But it has also been the year when I have acknowledged that I can’t do everything and that’s alright. 

Over the Christmas period I haven’t been doing much and instead have just been taking the time to relax and reflect on the last 12 months. I’ve also been using this time to start making plans and goals for the year ahead. 

While I’m planning to share my 2020 goals in a future post, I’ve decided to share some of my 2019 highlights here.

London Marathon  

Tower Bridge London

I have dreamed of running the London Marathon for years, so when I finally got a ballot place for this year’s race I didn’t quite believe that I was going to actually get to run it. Standing on the start line at the end of April felt such a privilege, although there were a fair few nerves as well. Running the London Marathon was as amazing as everyone said it would be, the crowds were fantastic for pretty much the whole way round the course, plus it was great to have some of my family come to watch as well. I loved every moment of it and running across Tower Bridge was an experience I will never forget! 

Visiting Stockholm 

stockholm parliament

Although I love to travel, this year I started a new job which meant that I wanted to focus more on my career than travelling and didn’t get to go away as much as I’d have liked. But during the summer I did manage a city break to Stockholm. I knew very little about Stockholm before I went and didn’t really know what to expect from the city. In fact, no one I knew had visited it before, so a few days before leaving I was wondering if it was actually worth going. I didn’t need to worry as Stockholm was lovely and the perfect city break. It is such a cool, laid back city that has lots to do and see, along with a great culture. I loved visiting this city and it is somewhere I would recommend anyone wanting a city break to put on their travel wishlist.  

The outdoors and hiking  

how nature impacts our wellbeing

Years ago I used to love hiking and would regularly head off at the weekend for a long hike, but then life took over and I never seemed to be able to find the time to get outdoors. This year I made the effort to start falling back in love with my forgotten passions and hiking was top of the list. I’ve still not been able to head outdoors for a hike as often as I would like but I have definitely got the hiking bug back again this year and it is something I’m hoping to do a lot more of in 2020. 

Prioritising self-care 

an introduction to mindfulness

This year I’ve made an effort to prioritise my self-care more through regularly meditating, spending time outdoors, running for fun instead of time and learning to get better at relaxing. While working on my wellbeing is ongoing and I still get anxious, overwhelmed and stressed, this year I feel I’ve been much better at coping with stressful situations and aspects of life that are out of my control. 

Dior exhibition 


Along with hiking, art and fashion is another passion that I’ve neglected over the last few years. This changed when I managed to get tickets for the Christian Dior Designer of Dreams exhibition at the Victoria and Albert museum in London. The exhibition was both stunning and inspiring. It took visitors through Dior’s collections over the years from the iconic New Look from the 1940s through to the present day. 

Looking ahead

While 2019 has brought with it ups and downs, celebrations and stress, it has overall been a good year for me. This year has helped me to get into a better place both physically and mentally so that I can start the new year, and brand new decade, feeling ready to take on new goals and challenges. 

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