Staying healthy during the festive season

tips for staying healthy during the festive seasons

It’s the 1st December which means the festive season is finally here! I love Christmas – the cheesy songs, sentimental films, tacky decorations, calorific drinks and fattening food – there is nothing about Christmas I don’t love. While I’ll indulge guilt-free throughout December, I’ll still try to lead a healthy lifestyle in the run up to Christmas. OK, at this time of year I might skip a few gyms sessions and eat one too many mince pies, but overall I do aim to stay as healthy as possible. 

Luckily, it isn’t too hard to live a healthy lifestyle and enjoy everything Christmas has to offer – just following a few simple healthy tips will help you to stay healthy during the festive season. 

Keep up your workouts

Skipping one or two workouts in December isn’t going to put your fitness back to square one and it actually might be good for your body to get a little extra rest, particularly if you usually hit the gym everyday. But, to stay healthy in the run up to Christmas it is important to try and keep up with your workouts. Even if you do less, it is better than doing nothing. 

Take time to relax

The run up to Christmas can be a hectic time. Fitting in Christmas shopping, parties and visiting friends and family, as well as trying to keep up with workouts and a full time job, can seem like a never ending struggle. But while it is a busy time of year, it is also important for your wellbeing to take time out to just relax and enjoy the season. 

Get outdoors

December is the perfect month to wrap up and head outdoors for a walk or hike. Not only is this a great way to get some extra exercise (and burn off a few mince pies), but getting outdoors will help make the most of what little sunlight we get at this time of year – perfect for helping those who suffer with SAD

Think about what you eat

While half the fun of Christmas is the chance to indulge in your favourite foods and drinks, being aware of what you eat and drink can help prevent you from piling on the pounds. I always allow myself to eat what I want in the run up to Christmas, but I also make sure that I fit the unhealthy food into a mainly healthy diet. My main meals at breakfast, lunch and dinner are still healthy, but over the weekend I will allow myself to have a few extra Christmas treats. I’m also very conscious about what I drink and avoid indulging in hot chocolate and creamy drinks too much. 

Enjoy the season and have fun

Christmas is a time of year of celebration and having fun, so use it as an opportunity to allow yourself to get some rest, indulge a little in your favourite foods and spend quality time with friends and family.

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