Nutrition and fitness podcasts

marathon talk podcast

While I don’t tend to listen to podcasts when I run, at the end of a long day of work and workouts I’m often exhausted and love taking this time to sit down, rest and listen to one of my favourite podcasts. The podcasts I follow reflect my diverse range of random interests (everything from creative writing to history!), but most of the ones always at the top of my recently played list are health and fitness related. There are so many fantastic podcasts around at the moment that provide informative, well researched and entertaining ways to learn more about nutrition and fitness that it can be difficult to choose what to listen to. These are four of my favourites, but if you have any more you’d recommend just let me know in the comments below as I’m always on the lookout for a new one to discover.

Marathon Talk

I discovered Marathon Talk last year and now I’m an addict to this podcast. Although the presenters are all fantastic long-distance runners I love the way they are so laid back about running and the fact that they admit when training isn’t going well or that their diet isn’t very healthy. This podcast is the perfect mix of a passion for running and respecting the sport, but also acknowledging that there are other things to life than running and, as ordinary runners, it’s impossible to be completely dedicated to training all the time. It’s great when the presenters are just as enthusiastic about a slow runner completing a marathon as they are about those winning races.

The Food Medic

I’m a bit of a The Food Medic fan and follow her on social so as soon as she released her podcast it quickly became one of my favourites. I love the way she looks at nutrition from a factual point of view, taking the time to research nutrition and not just jump onto healthy eating trends. Her podcasts tend to be interviews with people from a variety of backgrounds but I find that they all offer an interesting view on health and nutrition.

That’s Running

The presenters of That’s Running are based in Australia and they have a laid-back but insightful take on long-distance running. Often they provide really useful advice on training, recovery and racing and I will sometimes go back and re-listen to episodes as a way of learning more about running. Again, just like with Marathon Talk, I love the fact that the presenters are so laid back about running and although they do take it seriously they also focus on the fact that running should be fun as well.   

The Worlds Fittest Podcast

I stumbled upon this this podcast only recently but quickly got hooked. It’s presented by a guy who does crazy fitness adventures, such as swimming around the UK, but he has also studied sports science. He combines his knowledge about sports science and his experience to provide information about all areas of fitness. It’s a great podcast for those interested in fitness in general because it covers all aspects of being active from strength training to endurance running and provides information about how everyday people can use performance techniques to improve our own fitness and help achieve goals.

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