My March fitness goals

march running goals

Today is the last day of February so I’m looking ahead to next month and my March fitness goals. March is going to be all about the Barcelona marathon. I’ve been training for this for the last 10 weeks and I am really excited to be running this race.

While my training hasn’t gone well lately and I’ve missed completing a few long runs that I’m a bit anxious to have missed, I’m hoping all the work I’ve done over the last few months, both through running and Crossfit, will help me to get round the course. This is the first marathon I’ve done where my main workouts, apart from running, have been solely Crossfit so I’m interested to see if this has had an impact on how I perform during the marathon. I feel stronger now and I think my fitness is good at the moment, I’m just worried about how my endurance will be on the day.

Although I would really like to get under 4 hours with Barcelona, which if I did would be 12 minutes off my last marathon time, I’ve decided I’m not going to worry too much about this and instead just focus more on enjoying the atmosphere and the race itself. Sometimes I can get too caught up in aiming for a certain time that I forget that I love running and the race is supposed to be fun and enjoyable (as much as running a marathon can be!). Plus there will be more marathons in the future to achieve my goal if I don’t do it.

Last Sunday I did 10 miles aiming to keep to my target marathon pace of 9 minute miles, this pace feels comfortable for me but I’m not sure how it will be when I hit mile 20. Normally, I go out too fast, even with my training runs, but trying to keep to this pace on Sunday showed me that it will help me to run a better race, as I felt just as strong at the end of the 10 miles as I did at the beginning.

Once the marathon is over I’m going to take a week of taking workouts really easy to help my body recover. I’ve been focusing a lot on nutrition as well these last few months and I’m hoping this will help my body recovery quickly to get back into training again after the week off.

When I can start training again I will be working towards a couple of events I have coming up in April – one running and one Crossfit.

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