Sunday round-up

what happened with this week's training

2nd October – 8th October

The achievement on Monday was finally being able to break the 45kg clean barrier in Crossfit. For months I had been stuck on 45kg and unable to finish a lift at a heavier weight, even though I knew I was strong enough to do so. But on Monday I was able to power clean 47.5kg and was so happy that I had mentally broken the barrier – although I did miss the 50kg, which I should have got!

That Crossfit class was my second workout on Monday as in the morning I was able to get to the gym again for an early morning GRIT Cardio class – a 30 minute HIIT format workout that is created by Les Mills. I love these classes as I find that they are a quick way of increasing fitness levels and they actually work, so they are always a regular part of my training.

what happened with this week's training

My first run of the week was on Tuesday, a 3 mile speed run. I completed the run in a time of  22 mins 23 sec which I was happy with as it was a massive improvement on the same run the week before. As well as this, my legs were feeling really tired from a long run on Sunday and the workouts I did on Monday. My legs were still feeling really tired Tuesday evening but I decided to go to Crossfit gymnastics anyway. Of all the Crossfit classes I thought this would be the one that would suit me most as it’s more body weight workouts than lifting weights, but it’s the one I really struggle with. I feel like my progress in this class is slow, but I keep persevering as it is something I really want to get better at.

Wednesday morning I was back in the gym for a GRIT Strength class. I also got my London marathon ballot result on Wednesday, and once again I didn’t get in. I was really disappointed as this is the one marathon I really want to run, not only because it is supposed to be such a great marathon to do, but also because it is in my hometown and I have never ran a race there. I’m currently looking around for a different marathon to run though, as there are so many great ones out there.

Oversleeping on Thursday meant I missed my morning run, I tried to make up for it on Friday morning instead, but I got outside all ready to go and my watch was playing up. This combined with it starting to rain meant I got in a really bad mood, gave up, went back inside and had another cup of coffee instead!

what happened with this week's training

The week finished well though. On Saturday I got to the gym for 3 back-to-back classes, which were both fun (training should be fun!) and hard. My legs were still feeling tired from those classes this morning when I went for my Sunday long run. This made the run tough and I had to really push through, but I did increase my distance by a mile and did 11 miles in 1 hr 36 mins.

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