Why Use Sustainable Beauty Products


    Many big and small beauty brands are responsible for the industry’s negative environmental impact. Some brands have deviated from the norm and provide truly sustainable and cruelty-free products.

    Why you should choose sustainable beauty products.

    Beauty products that are cruelty-free and sustainable are not only better for the planet, but also better for you. You can enjoy a luxurious shampoo or a luxurious lotion without having to feel guilty about your participation in cruelty towards animals and the destruction of this beautiful planet.

    Here are seven excellent reasons to try out zero-waste and sustainable beauty products today.


    1. Natural ingredients

    The chemical pollution caused by skincare products is of great concern. Cosmetics traditionally use synthetic chemicals. This includes synthetic dyes and parabens. These synthetic chemicals are harmful to your health and can negatively impact the environment. Researchers have linked oxybenzone-parabens, for example, to cancer.

    Cruelty Free products are healthier and have fewer chemicals in them than other products on the market. We expect a company that is compassionate enough not to torture animals to also be concerned enough to not include harmful chemicals in their products.

    Natural beauty products are made with better ingredients and methods for your health.

    synthetic chemicals

    2. Environmentally friendly

    Eco-friendly cosmetic packaging

    Ingredients and raw materials used in traditional cosmetics such as microbeads, aluminum stearate, and petroleum for plastic packaging, are sourced from extensive mining. Mining is a danger to soil health and wildlife habitats. The encroachment of plantations into natural forests also poses a problem.

    Coral reefs and fish do not use skin care products, but they still pay the price, mainly with their lives. The beauty industry actively harms marine life with plastic packaging, chemicals, and microbeads. Oxybenzone, an endocrine disruption agent, is responsible for coral reef damage. Chemicals such as parabens and BHT/BHA cause fish to die. Fish can choke on plastic or ingest toxic nano plastics if they swallow pieces of it.

    Brands that are sustainable and cruelty-free avoid harsh chemicals. Natural and sustainably sourced products are used that don’t endanger marine wildlife. Also, they use organic and sustainable farming methods to promote biodiversity. You can help protect the environment by choosing eco-friendly beauty products.

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    3. No animal testing

    Many beauty products companies test their ingredients on animals and use them to test the product for reactions, irritations, and suitability. Animals are not used to test cruelty-free products. Animal testing can be cruel and inhumane. These tests are painful, and they usually end in death.

    Animal rights organizations have claimed that testing on rats, mice cats’ dogs and rabbits is not effective. The tests are harmful, but they also aren’t as effective as the organizations claim.

    To ensure safety, they test the cruelty-free products with non-animal testing methods like in vitro tests and clinical studies on human subjects. Brands can also formulate products with ingredients that have already been proven safe.

    ingredients on animals

    4. Fair Trade

    The supply chain of the beauty industry is shrouded with mystery. The beauty industry does not seem to demand the same level of transparency as other sectors, such as fashion and medical. Research has revealed that the beauty industry is a place where child labor and exploitation are rampant.

    In India, illegal mica mining involves over 22,000 children2. Mica is used to enhance the shimmer of cosmetics, foundations, and other products. They risk their lives and health to earn meager wages for their families.

    A truly cruelty-free or sustainable industry cannot exist if workers along the supply chain are cheated of fair wages or safe working conditions. Your skincare products shouldn’t cost lives. This is yet another reason why you should choose sustainable products. Select beauty brands with a transparent supply-chain and Fair Trade or Fair Labor certificates.

    5. Sustainability resource consumption

    Packaging waste is a problem in the beauty industry. Packaging uses resources such as water, trees and plastic, metals, glass, energy, and even plastic. Packaging accounts for 70% of industry waste. This is a waste of valuable resources.

    The production of cosmetic ingredients such as palm oil has led to deforestation, and loss of wildlife habitats. Deforestation contributes significantly to climate change.

    Sustainability is a big part of the ability to renew resources, either naturally or by recycling. Beauty brands that are sustainable take this into consideration. Sustainable cosmetics are made with organic ingredients and materials that have been sustainably sourced. The best option is to select beauty brands who source and manufacture their products without permanently depleting the natural resources.

    6. Eco-friendly packaging

    Every year, the beauty industry produces more than 120 billion packaging items. These are usually one-time use. After the purchase, they are thrown away. Plastic packaging is not only a waste of resources, but also pollutes and harms aquatic animals.

    Packaging made from organic materials, which biodegrade to soil nutrients, is a sustainable option. The packaging could be made of recycled materials to help reduce landfill waste. Some brands have stations that allow you to refill your own containers.

    Packaging is often minimalistic or zero waste for some innovative brands. Reusable packaging is available in many types of sustainable packaging.

    Eco-friendly packaging

    7. Guilt free beauty

    Organic cosmetics not only provide natural protection and care for our skin but also help us to contribute to the protection of our environment. Eco-conscious people can take care of their skin with sustainable organic cosmetics without feeling guilty about negative environmental effects.

    Sustainable cosmetics are less carbon-intensive and don’t exacerbate climate change. If you’re a climate activist or are just concerned with the future of the planet in general, then green cosmetics is the way to go.

    Organic cosmetics

    Product Certifications

    Eco-certifications are a great way to make sure you’re buying sustainable products that don’t use animal testing. These certifications are provided by third-party organizations after an investigation is conducted to verify the sustainability claims of a brand.

    You can avoid greenwashed goods by obtaining certifications. Brands who make false claims about their environmental impact are guilty of greenwashing. Around 42% of green claims in sectors like cosmetics, textiles and household appliances are false or misleading1.

    Look out for certifications such as Leaping Bunny and USDA.

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    Know your ingredients.

    Many people choose beauty products based upon the ingredients that are promoted by the brand. This is a good way to be fooled by greenwashing tactics used by some brands. Learn about the effects and origin of the ingredients listed on your favorite skincare product’s label.

    The conclusion of the article is:

    If we choose eco-friendly products, beauty and sustainability go hand in glove. We must adopt sustainable practices in the cosmetics industry to achieve long-term success and economic viability.

    By choosing natural and sustainable products, you can make a significant contribution to the development of a sustainable beauty sector.