Pros and Cons of Veganism


Pro Less chance of getting sick

Some studies show that a vegan diet may reduce your risk of developing certain diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease. Many people who eat a vegan diet have the financial flexibility and ability to manage their food. People with the same time and money to eat healthier might also find it easier to exercise. However, it is not certain that vegans are at a lower risk of developing diseases.

Con: Vegan diets can lack essential nutrients

Even though fruits and vegetables are rich in nutrients and vitamins, it can be difficult to get the nutrients you need. Plant-based foods are not a reliable source of calcium, B12, and omega-3 fatty acid. These nutrients must often be supplemented. This can be costly and time-consuming.

Pro – Veganism may help with weight loss.

Many new vegans can lose weight by following a restricted diet. Your diet will be healthier and contain fewer saturated fats, as well as fewer high-calorie foods like cheeses. This can help you lose weight.

Cons: Vegan diets should not be recommended for those with certain health conditions

Your doctor may advise you to avoid veganism depending on your health. For those with bone-related illnesses such as osteoporosis that require elevated levels of calcium, your doctor may advise you to continue to eat dairy. This is because milk is the best source of calcium.

Pro: It is better to support animal welfare

Vegan diets do not directly harm or kill animals. This eliminates the need to have large abattoirs and decreases the number of animal abuse cases at factory and boutique farms. This simple fact is often enough to convince animal lovers to change to a plant-based diet or to eat less meat.

Cons: Eating out at restaurants or events is more difficult.

Although it is improving, some restaurants still offer extremely limited vegan-friendly options. You may not find vegan friendly options at independent restaurants, cafes, or pubs, so you have fewer options when it comes time to enjoy a nice meal out.