Motivation Get Started and Keep It


What is motivation?

Motivation is the desire to reach your goals and needs. It is affected by:

How much do you want to achieve the goal?

What you will gain

What you could lose if you do not achieve your goal

Your personal expectations

Most people would like to change something in their lives. It can be difficult to find motivation to even start. You can be motivated if you know what motivation means to yourself.

Motivation is important.

Motivation is important for:

You can set goals for yourself.

helps you solve problems.

Change your old habits.

How to cope with challenges and opportunity

How can I be motivated?

Motivation is a problem for most people, but it can be even harder if you suffer from mental health problems such as anxiety or depression. Here are some tips:

Make sure you have a specific and attainable goal.

Consider how you can include this goal in your life. What will it take to make that happen? Set a deadline (for example, one week or one month).

Set reminders for yourself to finish each step.

Encourage your friends and family to support you by telling them your goals.

How can I achieve my goals?

Use a reminder app or a journal to make your goal ingrained in your daily routine.

Positive self-talk can be highly effective for managing depression and anxiety. Say ‘I’m going to try’ instead of ‘I’m not able’.

Relaxation and focus are achieved by practicing mindfulness.

Join a group or start a class. Support groups are as effective as professional assistance.

Reward yourself for completing a goal or step.

How can I remain motivated?

Here are some tips:

Review your goals and achievements regularly. Progress is motivating and can improve your self-esteem.

Set new goals. Consider what you would like to accomplish next week, next year and next month. Take on one goal at a given time to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

Continue to keep the momentum going. Most people take about two months to form a habit. However, some people can require much longer. It is important to maintain momentum and a routine. This will help it become more automatic.

Find mentors. For example, find someone who you admire and is an expert in the habit that you wish to change. You can find mentors by joining social groups or support groups that share the same interests.

Positive people are important to surround yourself with. Positive family and friends will enhance your positive self-talk. This helps manage depression and anxiety symptoms.

Exercise is a fantastic way to improve mental health.

How to get motivated if you are lacking motivation.

It is normal to experience setbacks, but by developing resilience you can continue where you left off.

You can find motivation by following these tips:

Check your goals to see if you can achieve them within the period that you have chosen. It may be necessary to break down your goal into smaller, more achievable goals.

Remember the reason you set out to achieve your goal or get motivated.

Read a book to get inspired. Speak to a mentor or someone who has achieved similar goals as yours.

You may need to start over after a short break.