Leading a Fulfilling Life Part Two

Here’s How to Raise Your Self Worth and Gain more Trust in Yourself.

1. Stop Letting Others Define Your Worth.

Comparing yourself to others devalues yourself; viewing their lives from an external standpoint is like looking at someone’s highlight reel – no one knows exactly how long it took them to arrive where they are now! Do not make the same comparison.

2. Exclude negative company.

Life is too precious a gift to waste on toxic individuals who bring negativity with them – any interactions with these types will only end in misery and stress for both of you!

A fit and healthy lifestyle negative man

3. Learn to appreciate yourself.

Avoid becoming dependent upon other people for companionship or feeling like being in a relationship is necessary in order to feel complete; being with others must come from desire, not obligation – embrace being your own best friend!

4. Commit to being a Lifelong Learner.

To live an engaging and satisfying life, one needs a thirsty mind filled with curiosity. By becoming a lifelong learner, you are acknowledging there is an expansive world out there waiting for adventure!

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5. Escape the chaos residing within your mind.

Your thoughts do not correspond with reality – instead, replace negative with positive thinking which will produce better results in turn.

6. Make it your goal to become more sociable.

Making an effort to connect with more people, smile more often and maintain eye contact for longer than normal. Doing this forces, you open yourself up more to the world resulting in deeper friendships.

A fit and healthy lifestyle friends having dinner

7. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone.

Without venturing outside your comfort zone, it will remain unknown to you what capabilities lie hidden within – all magic occurs outside our little shell and staying within will only create subpar versions of yourself.

8. Acknowledging and following your dreams.

Never be intimidated into taking steps towards fulfilling your ambitions; dream pursuit should never be left to chance! Likewise, being afraid to pursue them only leads to regret in later life and should never be disregarded.

Everyone says to pursue your dreams, yet few actually follow through with that advice. Life only happens once so make the most out of this chance of living by creating it your way and living according to your values and interests.

A fit and healthy lifestyle woman dreaming

9. Avoid being so serious all of the time.

Have a sense of humor and smile more frequently – not everything needs to be treated so seriously, so take time off from playing Captain Serious by goofing off and acting silly for once in your life!

Laughter extends lives while simultaneously decreasing blood pressure. If we all took life less seriously and enjoyed every moment more fully, the world would be an infinitely happier place.