What I’ve learnt about needing to rest

what I've learnt about needing to rest

Over the last few weeks I’ve noticed lots runners on Instagram saying that they have been ill, injured or feeling exhausted. And I was also one of them. Last week I was feeling so tired that I ended up skipping all my runs and did no cardio at Crossfit – the only exercise I did […]

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Tips on how to food plan and prep

tips on how to meal plan and prep

If you follow me on Instagram you will know that over the last few weeks I’ve been really focusing on nutrition. Although I didn’t eat badly before, I always felt that I wasn’t eating what I should be to achieve my running and Crossfit goals and have been wanting to learn more about nutrition for […]

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Staying healthy during winter

staying healthy during winter

Winter is a difficult season to maintain a healthy lifestyle. First there’s Christmas, bringing with it lots of great, but unhealthy, food and drink; and then there’s New Year where for many of us our resolutions to eat healthily and join dry January barely last a week. January especially is a long month – it’s […]

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