Tips for travelling solo

While travelling with family or friends is fun, I love going solo and will try and head off alone at least once a year. I find travelling solo more adventurous than travelling with others, as I get to decide exactly where I go and what I do without having to take anyone elseโ€™s interests or […]

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A wellbeing weekend in Warkwickshire

weekend break in warwickshire

A change of scenery is usually all it takes for me to feel refreshed and rejuvenated. A couple of weeks ago I headed over to Warwickshire for a long weekend break, which came at the perfect time for me as I had started to feel run down, tired and lacking in motivation with both my […]

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City break: Stockholm

stockholm parliament

Heading to Stockholm was a bit of a random choice. I had wanted to visit Scandinavia for a while, as Iโ€™d never been to that part of the world and was curious about what it would be like. Originally I had been looking at Copenhagen (still on my wishlist), but it was a bit out […]

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