Barcelona Marathon race review

Barcelona Marathon race review

Running the Barcelona Marathon last Sunday was a fantastic experience. Apart from not getting a PB (although it wasn’t a PB course) everything about the race was brilliant. The organisation, the route, the volunteers and, especially, the crowd support, were all amazing. This was my first ever trip to Barcelona and I didn’t land until […]

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Why I don’t run in the snow

why I don't run in the snow

Despite having a race in one weeks’ time, these past seven days I haven’t been running. The reason? Snow. This has been really frustrating and I’m now incredibly anxious that in less than a week I will be running a marathon and I haven’t been able to get out for a run. Added to this […]

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Reasons to love spring running

reasons to love spring running

Although yesterday was the first day or March, and therefore spring, the weather has felt like the middle of winter. It has snowed since Tuesday and now all the pavements are snowy and icy, plus it’s really windy, so I’ve not been able to run all week. Hopefully spring like weather will be here soon […]

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Staying positive when training doesn’t go well

Over the last few weeks my marathon training hasn’t been going well. While at the beginning the rubbish weather stopped me from getting in shorter mid-week runs, I was still able to do the long runs most weeks. But for the last two weeks I’ve missed my mile target for my long runs, which with […]

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How to fit workouts into a busy schedule

Okay, this is probably not groundbreaking news, but training for a marathon is time consuming! Often a really long run will wipe out a whole day – the run itself and the hours spent recovering. But even if you’re not training for a marathon, fitting in regular workouts when you lead a generally busy lifestyle […]

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Marathon training tips

top 5 2017 races

With less than 6 weeks until the Barcelona marathon I’m now deep in my marathon training. This basically means my Sundays involve doing a really long run then spending the rest of the day eating and sleeping. I think most marathon runners would agree that a marathon isn’t just about the 26.2 miles you do […]

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Freethorpe 10: my first race of 2018

Freethorpe 10 2018

I really wanted to do my first race of 2018 in January, so when I saw that the Freethorpe 10 would take place at the end of the month I quickly signed up. The Freethorpe 10 is a 10 mile race with a route that takes runners through the Norfolk countryside. It’s not a flat […]

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