2021 races goals

Hertfordshire Half Marathon

These last few weeks it’s been lovely seeing my social media feed full of runners posting race day photos again.  Not being able to do live races is something I’ve really missed and I can’t wait until I’m back standing at the start line of my next race. I have to admit that, although running […]

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Staying motivated to exercise during winter lockdown

running in snow

Last week I lost all motivation to run. A combination of week three of England’s third lockdown and January’s dull days meant I’d just had enough. So, instead of forcing myself out for runs or motivating myself to workout at home, I spent my mornings having lie-ins and my evenings watching TV. It was the […]

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My 2021 plans and goals

Initially I was unsure of whether to set plans and goals for 2021 as everything still feels so uncertain because of the pandemic. But I realised that I find having goals to aim for helps to keep me motivated and optimistic for the year ahead. So, despite the fact that I’m not sure if any […]

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How to increase your miles without getting injured

trail running

Normally I enjoy long runs, but this year has been anything but normal.  During 2020, instead of happily getting 10 miles done first thing on a Saturday morning, I’ve found running just 10k a challenge and sometimes simply getting out the door has been a struggle.   But, knowing that in the new year I’ll be […]

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Tips for running outdoors during autumn

autumn outdoor running

Autumn is one of my favourite seasons for running. Nature looks so beautiful at this time of year, plus the cool, crisp mornings are ideal running weather.  But as the constant rain and stormy weather we’ve had where I live in Norfolk over the last week has reminded me, there are also drawbacks of running […]

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Staying healthy during autumn 2020

how to stay fit and healthy during autumn

There’s not much we can guarantee at the moment, but one thing is certain – autumn and winter 2020 will be unlike any we’ve had before.  For most of us, 2020 was not the year we were expecting. And, it might be a bit pessimistic, but I’m preparing for a tough few months ahead.  As […]

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Running during stressful times

I’ve been quiet on this blog over the last few months. This has mainly been because posting about fitness and living a healthy lifestyle seems a little trivial with what is going on in the world right now.  Last weekend I had time to think and I spent a lot of time thinking about what […]

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Iron deficiency: how this has impacted my running

iron deficiency

For a long time I have been feeling really tired. So tired that I struggled to run more than five miles and when I got home from work in the evenings I didn’t have the energy to do anything. In fact, most nights I could barely keep my eyes open past 8pm and some evenings […]

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2020 health and fitness goal update

2020 fitness goals

Back in January I blogged about my health and fitness goals for 2020. At the time Covid-19 was a disease that was barely being talked about, so, of all the things that I thought could have prevented me from achieving my health and fitness goals this year, a global pandemic wasn’t one of them.  But […]

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My 5k challenge

5k challenge

As a marathon runner I’d normally dismiss my 5k runs as junk miles. It’s a distance I’ll run before work when I haven’t the time to get a longer run done, or on the treadmill where one minute of running feels like an eternity.  So when I was talking to my PT about what to […]

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