Cold weather running essentials

cold weather running essentials

Last Sunday instead of doing the 11 miles I’d planned, I ended my long run at 8 miles mainly because I couldn’t take running in the cold anymore! Although the weather had been getting cooler for weeks, it seemed to have suddenly gotten really cold. This meant that I went out without checking the weather […]

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Trowse 10k: a race review

Trowse 10k

Today I was up early to run the Trowse 10k. I ran this race for the first time last year and got a PB of 47:34, so I was really hoping for another PB today. Unfortunately, the windy weather and a mid-race mishap meant that I didn’t get a PB, although in the end I […]

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What to expect from your first race

what to expect from your first race

Every time I stand on the start line at a race there is a mixture of excitement and nerves. I know I’m not the only one who feels this way. I also know from my own experience that these feelings are x100 when it’s your first ever race. My first ever proper, serious, non-Race for […]

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Should you be using energy gels for your runs?

Confession time…although I’ve been running half marathons for four years I only started using energy gels earlier this year when I started training for my first full marathon. There are many reasons why I’ve avoided using energy gels, but mainly because I was worried about how my stomach would react – I’ve heard horror stories […]

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Holkham 10k: my first 10k race of 2017

Yesterday I drove up to Holkham Hall to run my first 10k race of the year. Holkham is one of my favourite places in North Norfolk and I often go up there to the beach

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