About me

Living a fit & healthy lifestyle

Modern life is often busy, stressful and at times feel overwhelming; but taking the time to focus on your health, fitness and wellbeing improves energy levels, reduces stress and anxiety and helps to create a more positive outlook on life.

I’ve been passionate about living a fit and healthy lifestyle for well over a decade as I’ve seen firsthand the positive impact it has had on my physical and mental wellbeing. I created this blog as I wanted to share my passion for healthy living, as well as the information and advice I’ve learnt over the years, with others.

This blog doesn’t promote any specific fitness trends, diet fads or a strict health obsessed way of life; instead I believe living a fit and healthy lifestyle is about balance. It’s about eating as healthily as possible for the majority of time but still relaxing with a glass of wine on a Friday night. It’s about moving your body to make it fitter and stronger, not so that you can fit into a certain dress size. It’s about getting outdoors to enjoy life whether that be running a marathon or simply go for a walk with your family.

I feel that so many of us, myself included, often put too much pressure on ourselves to look a certain way that we forget that life is meant to be enjoyed. Fitness is a crucial part of my lifestyle because I enjoy it. I love knowing that my body is capable of running marathons and strong enough to lift and squat my own body weight.

Along with this I enjoy eating healthily. I love food and how it nourishes the body and provides us with energy. I enjoy being creative and adapting recipes to make them healthier. I also find the healthier I eat the better I feel, both physically and mentally.

I’m not a personal trainer, which is why I never include specific workout routines on my blog or on social media. I fit my workouts around my job as a journalist and writer. So like many people fitness isn’t my job and instead is something I choose to include in my busy day of work and other commitments, but it is something that I really enjoy and hope you also get the same enjoyment, as well as mental and physical benefits, of living a fit and healthy lifestyle.

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