6 Benefits of a Stair Climber

The Benefits of Using Stair Climbers or Stair Steppers

Stair climbers and stair steppers offer many benefits. These are the top reasons to use a stair stepper or stair climber for your next exercise.

1. Perfect for any fitness level:

Stair climbers are suitable for all types of trainers, including elite fitness enthusiasts, new gym-goers, teenagers, the elderly, and athletes.

Due to the simplicity of stair climbers, and stair stepper machines, newbies can easily jump on and enjoy a great cardio workout. Advanced trainees, on the other hand, can increase the speed so that it simulates running up real stairs. It is a great workout when you go at a rapid pace.

Anyone can increase their fitness by using a stair-climber workout.

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2. Great for fat burning:

The stair climber can help you burn calories, reduce weight, and lose unwanted body fat. Most people use stair steppers to lose weight and achieve their body composition goals.

Most stair climbers have pre-programmed exercises that maximize fat loss. Stair climbers can help you burn more calories by using high-intensity training intervals or by staying in the fat burning zone for long steady-state workouts.

You can achieve your goal by combining stair climbing with a healthy diet.

3. Low Impact:

Your joints will take a beating no matter your age as you continue to do the 7-day split. Over time, your connective tissue will wear down until you cannot go jogging anymore.

Even if you do not have any joint pain, it can be nice to do some intense exercise that does not cause your knees to hurt. The stair climber has the unique ability to be intense without causing pain in your joints. You can push your body faster and harder without feeling any pain.

The stair climber can be a great low-impact cardio workout that will still give you a challenging workout.

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4. Strengthen Your Core:

You may have noticed that some gym-goers are bent forward when using a Stairmaster. The same thing happens when you run for extended periods of time. This can happen for many reasons, such as general fatigue. Another major culprit is a core that has poor muscular endurance or is weak.

As with walking, stair-climbing requires a lot of core activation in order to keep hips level. The legs also step up constantly, which causes hip flexion. To prevent the torso leaning to one side, a strong core is needed.

You may not feel the same level of stimulation that you would get from core stability training, but you will notice it after climbing stairs for a while.

5. Helps Decrease Back Pain in Lower Back:

Climbing stairs is an excellent option if you suffer from back pain. There is little stress placed on your lower back. Running can cause back pain due to the sudden movements.

In addition, stair climbing can help decrease back pain. Numerous studies have shown that simple exercises like walking can help reduce back pain and increase recovery2.

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6. Increases Bone Strength:

When people talk about strengthening exercises, they usually refer to the muscles. Your bones can grow and become stronger.

A person’s bone is stressed when they do a weight bearing exercise. The bone may bend, causing tiny holes. To repair these holes, osteoblasts fill the holes. The bone will grow slightly stronger and bigger after it has been repaired.

This benefit is likely to be seen by the elderly and rehab population, as the stair stepper or stair climber has minimal impact. There is a minimum threshold for bone development, which is similar to that of muscle growth. Even for healthy patients, stair climbing is an effective way to maintain bone strength.