26 Ways to Stay Motivated to Exercise

Be the one to prove your doubters wrong. Terrific tips that will help you get up off the couch and move.

People have found ways to stay motivated and persevere through difficult workouts.

1. Only wash your hair on the days that you are working out.

2. Wear your workout clothes.

3. Write down your feelings after each workout.

4. Keep in mind why you started.

5. Ask yourself, “Will this be something I regret if I skip?”

6. Sign up for classes at a boutique studio.

7. Group fitness is a great option.

8. I enjoy the addictive post-exercise endorphin rush.

9. Function as if there were a crowd, and it is wild.

10. Motivate others to do the same.

11. Give yourself daily micro-challenges.

12. Give yourself long-term challenges.

13. Exercise with those who will cheer you on.

14. Use Audiobooks for motivation.

15. Enjoy a healthy balance between food and exercise.

16. Do it for the photos.

17. Work out while listening to music.

18. Do whatever it takes to make exercise one of your favorite things.

19. Consider how you are proving your doubters wrong.

20. Hang with high-energy people.

21. Compete with anyone and everyone, especially yourself.

22. Consider how much stronger your body is becoming.

23. It can be a friend meetup.

24. It can be a friend meetup.

25.  Keep track of your achievements.

26.  Listen to that inner voice that tells you, “I can accomplish this!”