My 2021 plans and goals

Initially I was unsure of whether to set plans and goals for 2021 as everything still feels so uncertain because of the pandemic. But I realised that I find having goals to aim for helps to keep me motivated and optimistic for the year ahead. So, despite the fact that I’m not sure if any races will go ahead and what we will and won’t be allowed to do, I’ve decided to set out what I hope to achieve in 2021. 

2021 fitness plans and goals 

Run a sub four hour marathon 

Running a sub four hour marathon was originally a 2020 goal, but as I wasn’t able to run a marathon last year, I’m hoping to achieve it this year instead. I’m still targeting the Edinburgh Marathon, which will hopefully take place in May. To help me achieve this goal, I’ve been training with a PT and we’ve been focusing on doing lots of running drills, which has really helped improve my running technique. This year I’m also planning to add more speed sessions and tempo runs to my marathon training plan to help improve my pace. 

Complete an ultra marathon 

Another 2020 goal that I wasn’t able to achieve last year due to the pandemic was to run an ultra marathon. So this year I’m hoping to sign up for and complete my first ultra marathon, I have seen a few that I’m keen to run so I’m hoping to sign up to one soon.  

2021 lifestyle plans and goals 

Sign up for writing courses   

As a writer I’m always looking to improve my writing, so this year I’m planning to sign up for writing courses. I really want to focus on improving my creative writing, but I’m also looking for courses to improve my journalism and blogging. Luckily the pandemic won’t impact this goal as, if I can’t attend courses in person, there are lots of online ones available. If any writers are reading this and have a course you’d recommend please let me know in the comments below.  

Be a more environmentally-friendly shopper  

Helping to protect the environment has been something that has been important to me since my teens and, although I try and recycle as much as possible and avoid buying throw-away fashion, I always feel that I can do more. This year I’m aiming to cut down on the amount I throw away by only buying items that will last for years, or which can be recycled, as well as cutting down on everyday waste, for example using reusable coffee cups again if possible when I get a takeaway coffee (this is something I used to do but stopped since the Covid pandemic made it unsafe), and avoiding buying plastic as much as possible. 

Visit galleries and exhibitions  

Before the pandemic I used to love going to art galleries and exhibitions and I’ve really missed not being able to do this. So, if we are able to go out more this year, I’m planning on getting to lots more art, photography and fashion exhibitions and galleries. 

2021 healthy eating plans and goals 

Try out more new recipes 

Although I’m normally a healthy eater, when life gets busy I can get lazy and fall back to eating the same meals each week. As I really enjoy cooking, this year I want to take the time to cook more and aim to try a new recipe at least a couple of times a month. 

Be a more environmentally conscious eater  

This year I plan to buy more from environmentally-friendly sources. I’m aiming to buy more organic food where I can afford it, and will look for locally grown food to try and cut down on transport emissions. As well as this, although I’ve been a vegetarian since I was 12, a few years ago I re-introduced salmon and sea bass into my diet for health reasons – this year I plan to only eat these from sustainable sources and, again, organic where I afford it. During 2021 I’m also planning to research the companies and brands I often buy food from, as I want to try and use those which have better environmentally friendly policies. 

2021 wellbeing plans and goals 

Be kind to myself  

If 2020 taught me anything it is the need to be kind to myself and that life is stressful enough without putting extra pressure on myself. As such, this year I’m aiming to make sure I take the time to take care of myself and do more of what I enjoy. So in 2021 I’m planning on doing more hiking, spend time with my family and friends (if we’re allowed), enjoy lazy Sunday mornings, be as active as I can, meditate, have spa days (if they are open), and travel as much as I can if we’re able to this year. 

As well as my 2021 plans and goals, this year I’m also going to break my goals down into things I want to achieve every three months, so that I can review them, and change/set new goals, throughout the year. My plans and goals for the first three months are: 

  • Focus on adding more speed work and tempo runs to my training plan 
  • Sign up for an ultra marathon 
  • Avoid buying plastic 
  • Sign up for a writing course 
  • Try at least two new recipes each month 

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