Why I don’t run in the snow

why I don't run in the snow

Despite having a race in one weeks’ time, these past seven days I haven’t been running. The reason? Snow. This has been really frustrating and I’m now incredibly anxious that in less than a week I will be running a marathon and I haven’t been able to get out for a run. Added to this is the fact that I don’t have access to a treadmill, which basically means if I can’t run outside I can’t run at all! So, while I see loads of social media posts of people running in the snow and I can’t run indoors, I still I won’t head out in sub-freezing temperatures and snowy weather for a run.

I know runners are supposed to love running in all weather conditions, but I’m not one of those types of runners. When it comes to cold weather I will admit I am very soft, but these are my excuses for not running in the snow:

why I don't run in the snow
No chance of me running up this hill

Risk of injury

While snow looks pretty and is fine to walk on if walking slowly, we’ve had really deep snow which would be really tough to run on. In fact, it would be more like running through the snow than on it. This increases the risk of tripping and falling, which at best would simply hurt my pride but at worst would result in an injury that could put me out of running the marathon altogether. As well as this, even the daytime high temperature has been sub-freezing with parts of the pavement turned to solid ice from where snow has compacted. As someone who is Bambi-like when walking anywhere near ice, for me attempting to run on it would only result in one thing – a massive fall!

Appropriate running shoes

There are running shoes that are ideal for running in snow and icy conditions, unfortunately as we don’t get enough snow regularly I have never invested in a pair. The only pair of running shoes I have at the moment are great for road running if the road is dry and non-slippery. The snow we’ve had over the last week only came with a few days notice and I was probably in denial about how bad it would be (I hate cold weather anyway), so I was very unprepared for running in the type of conditions we have had.

Running in the dark

Along with running in snow and ice, my weekday runs are done before work, which at this time of year still means running in the dark. Freezing weather conditions, together with darkness and icy roads seems like a recipe for a disaster.

Freezing temperatures

There are people who can cope well with freezing temperatures and people who can’t. I definitely a person who can’t cope with it. I hate the cold and being cold, plus it takes ages for me to warm up. I’m a runner who prefers running in mild to warm weather, so once the temperature hits freezing it takes a lot of willpower to get me outside for a run.

Won’t get a good run

All the above combined means that even if I did go out for a run in the snow, I wouldn’t get a good run. I have managed to get in to my Crossfit box during the week, which provided workouts that were more beneficial to me than a sub-standard run would be anyway.

why I don't run in the snow
On the way home from Crossfit my Reebok Nanos got introduced to snow

Do you agree with my reasons for being anti-snow running, or are you hard enough to brave the snow and ice for a run? If so, I would love to know – how do you manage not to fall?

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