My 2018 fitness goals

2018 fitness goals

Happy New Year! Now that 2018 is here it’s time to work on new fitness goals. I’m so excited for this year as I think it is a year that I can build on what I achieved last year and really make progress on my health and fitness. Generally my main goal for this year will be to become fitter, faster and stronger; but to achieve this I’ve created a number of smaller fitness goals that I am hoping to complete throughout the year.  So with this in mind here are my fitness goals for 2018.

Run a sub-4 hour marathon

Ideally I want to aim for a Boston Qualifying time, but one step towards achieving that is to run a sub-4 hour marathon. Last year I did my first marathon in a time of 4 hours 12 minutes, so it’s not an impossible goal but one that I will have to work hard to achieve. I’ve got the Barcelona Marathon in a few months, which I’m hoping to get a good time for, but I’m also considering running another marathon later in the year.

Get a half marathon and 10k PB

Last year I was a bit disappointed that I didn’t get a PB with either a half marathon or a 10k race, so it’s something I really want to achieve this year. With some races I was unlucky by being ill and the weather,  plus I did a couple of harder courses, but I still think with some of the races I ran I should have achieved a PB and maybe didn’t focus as much as I should have in training properly. This is something I want to improve on this year and I’m aiming to train harder, improve my running technique and generally just become fitter.

Run a race every month

My aim this year is to run at least one race per month, but I know that with race availability and general life commitments this might not be possible. In general though I do want to run more races as entering races helps to keep me focused with my training, which ultimately improves my running.

Become more competitive at Crossfit

While running will remain my main sport and focus during 2018, this year I still want to get more competitive with Crossfit. I aim to do this by entering more competitions and dedicating more time to learning the different skills required to become competent at Crossfit. I also want to get stronger, which brings me onto my next goal…

Get a bodyweight clean

This year I want to get better at lifting and be more confident with the bar and ideally I want to be able to clean my bodyweight. At the moment the clean is my most confident lift and one that I feel I can get a good PB with, but this year I also want to get better with my snatch as this is a lift that I really struggle with.

Eat well and for my goals

Overall my eating habits are good and I do make healthy choices, but this year I want to get better at meal planning and especially adding more variety to my diet. At times I fall into cooking and eating the same food as it’s quick and easy but adding more variety will help to ensure my body gets the nutrients it needs. As well this, I want to try and eat more protein this year, something which I don’t think I get enough of for the amount of training I do.

Practice more yoga

I love yoga, but it’s one form of exercise that I often push to the back of my fitness routine. This year I really want to make more of an effort to fit in one or two yoga sessions a week. Not only because I think it’s great for improving flexibility, but also because it is a great form of exercise to help the mind and body to calm down, making it fantastic for mental as well as physical health.  

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