Sunday roundup

sunday training roundup

5th – 12th November

My race number for the Hertfordshire Half Marathon came during the week, so I’m officially all ready to run next Sunday!

The half marathon has been on my mind all week and running was my main focus as this week was my last chance to get some proper runs in before I start tapering ready for the race.

Although I managed to get some decent runs in this week, mainly a 4 mile run earlier in the week plus some hill training for the first time in ages, I still feel really underprepared for the half marathon. Normally, I would stick to a running training plan, but illness, weather conditions and other races and Crossfit competitions, have meant that hasn’t happened this time. Despite this I’m still confident I’ll do ok but I’m not sure about getting a PB.

sunday training roundup

During my training I’ve managed to get in lots of shorter runs, which I’m hoping will mean my fitness is good enough to get me round in a good time. I’m also feeling really strong at the moment, so although I haven’t done a long distance run in a while, I’m hoping that my strength and the fact that I’ve done the half marathon distance loads of times in the past, will mean I don’t struggle too much with the endurance.  

Along with running, I’ve been at Crossfit a lot this week. After months and months of working on weightlifting I finally feel that I’m able to lift technically reasonably alright – now I just need to start adding some heavy weights!

On Saturday for the first time I stayed at the Crossfit Box all morning and did three classes – rowing, gymnastics and barbell. Normally I’m the type of person who if I’m not dripping in sweat and can barely breath after exercise I don’t feel like I’ve done a proper workout. So, as all three classes weren’t high intensity, I felt fine afterwards and didn’t think I needed to eat more than I normally would.

This morning when I went for a six mile run I realised my mistake. After the first mile I had zero energy left and really struggled to make it through the last five miles. I think this has to do with not eating enough the day before, especially as I’ve been constantly eating all day today and am still hungry! It did show me though that not every workout has to be at a high intensity for it to be effective and that in the future I really need to look at mixing up the intensity of all my workouts, including running.

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