Trowse 10k: a race review

Trowse 10k

Today I was up early to run the Trowse 10k. I ran this race for the first time last year and got a PB of 47:34, so I was really hoping for another PB today. Unfortunately, the windy weather and a mid-race mishap meant that I didn’t get a PB, although in the end I was happy with my time and position.

The Trowse 10k is a small race, with just a maximum of 750 spaces. It’s size means that it is a friendly race and is very popular with local running clubs. It also has great support from locals and has a great race atmosphere.

I was looking forward to today’s race, as I’ve not raced since August. Saying that, 10k is not my favourite distance to run. I prefer longer races as I’m normally a slow starter and it takes me a few miles to settle into a race. Today, was no different and for the first mile and a bit I struggled to get going, but once I got into the race I was able to quicken my pace.

I knew from last year what to expect from the course. It is mainly flat with a section of uphill running, the majority of the course you do twice including the uphill section. So although not a completely flat and fast course, it is a good one to aim to get a good time on.

From about the 2k to the 4k marker I was hitting a pace that I was really happy with and which was on course for a PB. I struggled with the hill slightly and it really slowed my pace – this was my own fault as I’ve been avoiding hill running in my morning runs recently (I’ve been lazy), and clearly I need to put them back in! Once I was over the hill though, I was able to quicken my pace again and felt really strong.

At 6k the route took runners down a straight road, which with today’s windy weather felt like a wind tunnel. I think this again slowed my pace slightly, as it felt like I was battling against the wind for this section. It didn’t last long though and soon I was able to get my speed back.

At the beginning of the second lap of the hill I was trying to overtake a runner in front of me but he suddenly moved in front of me just as I was about to overtake. To avoid running into him I had to quickly move to the other side and swerve around him. Soon after this I felt the bottom of my left trainer flapping with each step I took.

I bought my current running trainers at the beginning of the year and although I’ve known that they’ve needed changing for a while now, I’ve been holding onto them as I find them really comfy. I think the sudden change in direction must have scraped the bottom of the trainers, which admittedly were already starting to fall apart (I really love those shoes), so that one section came loose. I didn’t know how bad it was during the race and I really wanted to get a good time so didn’t want to stop to look. Instead I just hoped it wasn’t too bad and carried on running.

I’m not sure if it is because I’m usually stronger in the second half of a 10k or that the flapping shoe made me change my running technique slightly, but I managed to quicken my pace between 7k and 9k. I found the last 1k a struggle – again I think this is because I was trying to go as fast as I could to beat the clock, but I did managed to make it to the finish line without my trainer falling apart completely!   

Trowse 10k

My official time for the race was 48 mins 29 secs, so not a PB. Although with the windy weather and a broken trainer I wasn’t too disappointed. As well as this I came 20th out of the 271 female runners and 139th out of a total of 543 runners who finished!

So with one pair of trainers down and no PB, I’m still happy with how the race went. 

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